The Price of Silence

One in four adults—approximately 57.7 million Americans— experience a mental health disorder in a given year.  –NAMI How many times have I heard someone call a person with bipolar disorder (or any mental illness) a slur and not said anything?  I just didn’t have the energy for the conversation. A friend and I were watchingContinue reading “The Price of Silence”

“I am Bipolar” vs. “I have Bipolar Disorder”—Not Just Semantics.

It happened several years ago.  I was working through some difficulties with my medication.  It became an issue at work.  I had to miss almost two weeks of work.  Finally, I told my boss and she was understanding.   And so it went.  I started to tell people about my illness. One day, I was outContinue reading ““I am Bipolar” vs. “I have Bipolar Disorder”—Not Just Semantics.”

I’ll Deal With It Later: Finances in America

Another piece of mail.  Throw it in the unopened stack.  This is the way I lived for a very long time. Then, the late fees started.  Calls from the creditors came.  My credit rating plummeted.  The heat got shut off.  My phone was disconnected.  My mom had to settle a small credit card judgment thatContinue reading “I’ll Deal With It Later: Finances in America”

A Tribute to Sandy Hook: Sensible Gun Control

I received this email on one of the many listservs I am on.  It really resonated with me so I am reposting below.  I hope this tragedy is the wake-up call we desperately need.  First, we can tackle the easy solution.  Eliminating automatic and semi-automatic guns. No one needs that kind of firepower unless theyContinue reading “A Tribute to Sandy Hook: Sensible Gun Control”