Cracks in the System Resurface…But it’s not so simple.

When I saw the news of the Creigh Deeds shooting, I had to tune in.  This incident was different than the usual nightly montage of shootings and killings and robberies and general malaise. The spotlight has once again turned on the mental health system.  Where did it go wrong? I was flabbergasted when I readContinue reading “Cracks in the System Resurface…But it’s not so simple.”

Homeland: A Real, Raw Portrayal of Bipolar Disorder

Spoiler alert… It is clear that the writers of Homeland have done their research.  Claire Danes plays Carrie who is at the same time brilliant and troubled.  Carrie is a CIA analyst trying to uncover a American POW who has been turned.  Her theories stretch the boundaries between what is considered plausible and a realContinue reading “Homeland: A Real, Raw Portrayal of Bipolar Disorder”

A Tribute to Sandy Hook: Sensible Gun Control

I received this email on one of the many listservs I am on.  It really resonated with me so I am reposting below.  I hope this tragedy is the wake-up call we desperately need.  First, we can tackle the easy solution.  Eliminating automatic and semi-automatic guns. No one needs that kind of firepower unless theyContinue reading “A Tribute to Sandy Hook: Sensible Gun Control”