A Thought Piece: Disentangling the Web of Race and Mental Health

We spent a week leading up to Charleston shooting weighing in on Rachel Dolezal. She had been passing as black woman for many years. She said on the Today Show that she identified as black. What does race mean? Many asked and answers varied. Yes, race is a social construct. Some likened her comments toContinue reading “A Thought Piece: Disentangling the Web of Race and Mental Health”

Looking for Answers: Navigating Grief

I did it again. I was thinking about something and reached toward my phone to call her. She was always there for me. During our phone conversations, I don’t think I ever cried. She listened and we laughed. She heard me bitch about my day. She talked to me when I was in a badContinue reading “Looking for Answers: Navigating Grief”

The Price of Silence

One in four adults—approximately 57.7 million Americans— experience a mental health disorder in a given year.  –NAMI How many times have I heard someone call a person with bipolar disorder (or any mental illness) a slur and not said anything?  I just didn’t have the energy for the conversation. A friend and I were watchingContinue reading “The Price of Silence”

I’ll Deal With It Later: Finances in America

Another piece of mail.  Throw it in the unopened stack.  This is the way I lived for a very long time. Then, the late fees started.  Calls from the creditors came.  My credit rating plummeted.  The heat got shut off.  My phone was disconnected.  My mom had to settle a small credit card judgment thatContinue reading “I’ll Deal With It Later: Finances in America”

Homeland: A Real, Raw Portrayal of Bipolar Disorder

Spoiler alert… It is clear that the writers of Homeland have done their research.  Claire Danes plays Carrie who is at the same time brilliant and troubled.  Carrie is a CIA analyst trying to uncover a American POW who has been turned.  Her theories stretch the boundaries between what is considered plausible and a realContinue reading “Homeland: A Real, Raw Portrayal of Bipolar Disorder”